new dawn…

no posts???? platinum wow, i mean rlly wow hoow could u

go make ur own site…. mua is gettin nowhere…..

whover wants to see me just ask

well merge with that wierd army who asked us to do da maerge thingy.

pce out


I quit a long time ago…..

platinum if u still want this site tell me… and if u dont then ill delete it and i quit cp 

Pce out


This is monkekman, lol its actually kalmahpen. I just figuered out the password. Anyway, I might work back in this site but not often. So ill just tell ya some news. There has been some sighting of the white puffle at the dojo or mountain (you probobaly know that), and it comes every 30 minutes.

-Monkek man (kalmahpen)

Its me

Well its been a long time since I last posted. I now play runescape more often than clubpenguin and I wanted to know if Chocolat and Monkek Man still look at this site.


ok this blog needs a purpose so….

well platinumx you decide either this blog becomes a cheat site, a club, a hangout for retired mua or you continiue MUA by yourself.

ps. im 2 years old XD!!! lol congrats dude


My penguin is finally 1 year old. I know this is random but I have been waiting for a long time for this.


Ok then………

Guys i agree completely with chocolat except that MUAs problem was lack of activity and recruuiting
oh ya now here are some messages to all of you

Chocolat65-I regret arguing with you, you were always a good troop and i have been a complete jerk to you, I hope you can forgive me for the terrible things ive done and said to you, i would like to see you on chats later on

Platinumx-you were the most calm and well mannered army leader ive met, i would like to meet you later on

Snowboy-You were one of the best troops i met and i want to see you soon on chats and club penguin

Kalmah pen-what the hell why should i give you a message your my brother! lol!

anyways from MUA whoever joins my new army im giving him a high rank, by the way i should delete this site cuz if i dont ist a shame according to the army rules\

-monkek man